Wishes and more

At the arrival of every spring since my 17th birthday, I've been facing the same dilemma over and over again. This year seems to be even harder then most! From the moment March arrived, I started planning my birthday cake. I've looked at over 30 cake recipes, 100 cake pictures and none of them seem right.

The latest cake I made was, according to my own standards, quite a success! Not only was it tasty, but it looked cute! Worry not, a post will be dedicated to this cake with time...

However, to get back to the matter at hand, I've minimized my list of possible cakes to serve at my birthday this year (which is fast approaching) and need your much needed help to make the big decision!

I'm also open to suggestions, for I believe most of you must have had your own share of gluttonous indulgences!

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