Maksad of my life

I must have been programmed from birth to conquer all things sweet and edible, but the realization of this lifelong quest struck me at the age of fourteen. I remember standing in our small kitchen multiple times, taking out a large metal bowl, a fork, one egg, oil, water and most importantly a Betty Crocker cake mix! For that birthday, I had been gifted a week long culinary course by my sister which led to my epiphany! The moment of truth had finally arrived, I could at last look my cuillère à sucre in the eye and say maine banaya Betty Crocker se nahi! I had found the maksad of my life! I had vowed to myself that never again* will I use prepared cake mixes, ready to bake doughs and most importantly, ready to eat tiny desserts found in the endless grocery store aisles.

Welcoming you to glimpse into tiny bits and little crumbs of my dessert ladden life, my hunger for all food baked and my endless chase for that feeling we all get after we've sunk our teeth into that luscious, most delectable piece of dessert, let our tongues swirl within our mouth to capture all the yummy goodness of that bite with our eyes shut so as to not let any thing else distract us from the most heavenly feeling experienced thus far in our lives and make us anxious for that tiny lapse of time until another bite as phenomenal as the first one passes through our lips and allows us to remain in heaven, for just a little while longer.

I've got the world's best mission, and lucky for me, it's lifelong!

* Oki so on those rare occasions where I'm too lazy (all my friends coughing simultaneously together) to bake goodies just for my own sugar deprived self, as no one else in my household enjoys the art of baking and none of my friends actually think of returning the kind gesture of gifting baked goods to me, I let myself get lured by all those things I had vowed to never approach ever again in order to salvage my sanity and avoid sugar depression.


  1. Hey La Petite Patissiere, I'm so proud you started this blog. Congrats! Make me some more desserts:)- Gurjeet

  2. Where are the recipes and the yummies?

  3. Hey congrats on blog! I'm with Zymba where are the recipes? and some pics of goodies? and some samples would be good too. hehe.

  4. All in good times my friends... hope you keep reading :)

  5. hey congrtas on your new blog!its great.
    Ill do check into for some yummy dessert recipies!